D-Baby Boy Names

Baby Boy Name Baby Boy Name Meaning
Dahana  A Rudra 
Daksh  Precious Son 
Dakshesh  Lord Shiva 
Dakshin  South Direction 
Daman  Rope; Girdle 
Damodar  Lord Krishna 
Daniel  God Is My Judge 
Darshan  A God’s Name 
Daruka  Deodar Tree 
Dasharath  One With 10 Chariots, Lord Ram’s Father 
Datta  Given; Granted; Presented 
Dattatreya  Son Of Atri, An Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu 
Daulat  Wealth 
Daya  Mercy 
Dayanand  One Who Likes Being Merciful Or Kind 
Dayanidhi  Kind Person 
Dayasagar  Extremely Kind, Sea Of Mercy 
Dayaswarup  Merciful 
Deenbabdhu  Brother ( Or Helper) Of Poor People 
Deendayal  One Who Has Mercy On The Downtrodden Or Poor 
Deepak  Lamp, Kindle 
Deepankar  One Who Lights Lamps 
Deepdas  Servant Of Ligh 
Deependra  Lord Of Light 
Deependu  Moon 
Deepesh  Lord Of Light , Sun 
Deeptanshu  Shining Light, Sun 
Deeptendu  Shining Moon 
Dehabhuj  Another Name For Lord Shiva 
Devadutt  Gift From God 
Devam  Hindu Baby 
Devanand  Joy Of God 
Devang  Part Of God 
Devansh  Part Of Devas 
Devaraj  Lord Vishnu 
Devarsh  God’s Gift 
Devarsi  Sage Of Devas 
Devashish  Blessing Of The Gods( Debashish ) 
Devdas  Servant Of Lord , A Servant Of Temple 
Devendra  King Of Gods 
Devesh  God Of Gods 
Devguru  Teacher Of Gods ( Brihaspati ) 
Devidas  Servant (Devotee) Of Godess 
Devilal  Son Of Godess 
Deviprasad  Gift Of A Godess 
Devitri  Hindu Boy 
Devkinandan  Son Of Devki – (Lord Krishna) 
Devraj  King Of Gods ( Lord Indra) 
Devrity  Hindu Boy 
Deyaan  Concentration 
Dhananad  Pleasure Of Having Wealth 
Dhananjay  One Who Wins Wealth, Lord Arjun, Lord Vishnu. 
Dhananjay Arjuna  Hindu Boy 
Dhanaraj  King Of Wealth ( Kuber ) 
Dhanesh  Lord Of Wealth ( Kuber, Vishnu ) 
Dhanu  Man Of Wealth 
Dhanvantari  Doctor Of Gods 
Dharesh  King, Lord Of Land 
Dharma  Law ( Religious) 
Dharma  Hindu Boy 
Dharmadev  Lord Of Law 
Dharmavira  Hindu Boy 
Dharmendra  King Of Religion 
Dharmesh  Master Of Religion 
Dharmik  Religious 
Dharuna  A Rishi 
Dhatri  A Son Of Vishnu, Lakshmi 
Dhaval  Fair Complexioned 
Dheeraj  Bravery 
Dhigana  Masti 
Dhiren  One Who Is Strong, Powerful 
Dhirendra  Lord Of The Brave 
Dhiwyannshu  Hindu Boy 
Dhruv  Pole Star, Unperturbed 
Dhruva  Son Of Uttanapad 
Dhumal  Purple; Smoke Coloured 
Dhureen  Accomplished 
Dhyanam  Attentive 
Digamber  Nacked, Lord Shiva 
Dikshan  Hindu Boy 
Dikshil  Hindu Boy 
Dilanesh  Hindu Boy 
Diler Brave  Hindu Boy 
Dilip  King, Ancestor Of Lord Rama 
Diliso  Beautiful Sky 
Dinanath  Saviour Of The Downtrodden Or Poor 
Dinesh  Sun, God Of The Day 
Dinkar  Sun 
Dinpal  Sun 
Dipen  Lord Of The Lamp 
Dipinder  Hindu Boy 
Dipten  Brightened 
Divakar  Sun 
Divit  Immortal 
Divjot  Divine Light 
Divyanshu  Divine Light, Sun 
Divyendu  Bright Moon 
Divyesh  Sun 
Druvan  Hindu Boy 
Duranjaya  A Heroic Son 
Durga  Unreachable 
Durgadas  Servant ( A Devotee ) Of Godess Durga 
Durgadutt  Gift From Godess Durga 
Durgesh  Lord Of Fort 
Durjaya  Difficult To Conquer, Lord Vishnu 
Durmada  Hindu Boy 
Durvish  One Who Cannot Be Affected By Poison (Lord Shiva) 
Dvimidha  Hindu Boy 
Dwarkadhish  Ruler Of Dwarka (Lord Krishna) 
Dwarkanath  Lord Of Dwarka (Lord Krishna) 
Dwijendra/Dwijesh  Moon 
Dyaus  King Of Heaven And The First Man On Earth 

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